About Me

I’m Jen, a San Diego photographer, and I’m so honored you’re interested in working together!

My passion for working with the military community grew from my husband's career as a pilot in the Marine Corps. He was gone a lot so, while looking for an excuse to be both creative and spend time with my friends, I started photographing family sessions on the flight line and homecomings. The more I was immersed in the military community - and the longer I was a military spouse - I began to truly appreciate the strength of both the servicemember and those left behind. My husband got out of the Marines in mid-2019 but our time in the community is something that permeates every aspect of our lives.

Who am I? I'm a firm believer in treating everyone how you want to be treated and am a hardcore Enneagram 2, so by the end of our session, we'll be hugging and making plans to hang out later. My day job is working in marketing for a local school and I volunteer for San Diego Pride. My favorite things include riding my fake Peloton, reading, traveling (with friends and family across the country, it's easy to find destinations) and watching lots and lots of hockey and Buffalo Bills football. A New Jersey native, I've lived in San Diego since 2015. My husband and I are the proud parents to a little boy, a rescue dog and a rescue cat.

Thank you for considering me, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!

san diego military homecoming photographer