I'm so happy you're here!

Hi! I’m Jen, a San Diego family and military photographer.

Maybe you’ll identify with this: I’m the person who was always called “too much.” I feel really deeply. For me, crying is more than acceptable. I love hugs and want to know everything about you, from your favorite restaurant to your childhood trauma. 

All of this - my big feelings included - led me to photography. This all connects, I promise.

I was the photo editor of my high school newspaper because I’ve always loved telling stories. I’d sit in my childhood bedroom writing novels, then would run around with my bulky digital camera taking photos to accompany them. My love for storytelling never left. In college, I started working in sports media relations, telling the stories of the teams for whom I worked, and continued this in higher and secondary education. 

When I met my husband - a Marine Corps pilot - I learned so many folks’ stories: deployments endured or raids gone wrong or PCS nightmares. To me, there was no better storybook ending than a homecoming, which is how Jen Jordan Photography got its start. Any spouse knows a deployment story doesn’t end at the homecoming - reintegration, anyone? - but it sure is a beautiful way to illustrate the struggle and beauty of a deployment. 

These days, I love working with all types of folks, learning from them, listening to and telling their stories. When we work together, I promise I’ll listen to you, listen to your wants and needs, and do my best to tell your story.

Working With Me

My ultimate goal is to capture you authentically. What does that mean?

When my son was 16 months old, we took family photos. At the time, he was obsessed with a small sink plunger (toddlers, am I right?) and wouldn’t go anywhere without it. We showed up to Balboa Park and it was slammed, not a parking spot to be found. My husband dropped us off and our son refused to let go of the plunger. It’s in half of the photos. But in that season of our lives, the plunger played a huge role.

When you and I work together, that’s what I want for you: to look back on our photos and laugh, or feel your heart lift, because of the memories of that season. 

Maybe your kids are neurodivergent or have other differences, or your partner isn’t too keen on photos, or you’re still uncomfortable in a newly postpartum body. Well, I’ve worked with all types of folks for years, am incredibly charming and am also uncomfortable in a newly postpartum body, so I can empathize with it all. 

The thing is, none of that matters when you look back on the photos. Now that my son has moved on to other household items (like the laundry basket), I look at the photos with the plunger all the time and laugh. It was authentic. 

I want you to feel your best, whatever that means. Maybe that means professional hair and makeup, or maybe that means your favorite outfit in your home. Any way that reveals itself, I’m here for your authenticity. 

The camera knows when you’re uncomfortable, so I do my best to bring lots of joy, comfort and connection into our session. That may mean lots of playfulness, or romance, or games, or bubbles and songs. That may mean snacks or breaks. I’m a hardcore empath; I’ll sense when we need an energy shift and I’ve got you. I encourage open and honest communication and feedback. I’m a Jersey girl married to a Marine so there may be cursing, but I’ve worked in schools long enough to provide gentle feedback and ask for consent. 

Whatever you need, I’m here with you to capture this wonderful season. 

But Jen, Who ARE You?

You’ve probably picked up some nuggets here and there, but for starters, I am:

  • a mom to a toddler who loves cheese, airplanes and all types of music. 
  • learning American Sign Language and know most common baby signs. 
  • a big hockey fan who's taking ice skating lessons with the goal of playing in a league one day. 
  • a Jersey girl by way of Buffalo (go Bills), San Jose and Pennsylvania, and have lived in San Diego since 2015. 
  • a reader who will talk your face off about my favorite books.
  • married to a former Marine Corps pilot and do not miss active duty life one bit. 
  • someone who believes in respecting all family structures, folks, gender identities and sexual orientations.
  • a volunteer for San Diego Pride and She Fest, and have been since 2018.
  • trying to teach myself how to read tarot cards so if you know, give me tips.
  • so happy you’re here.