Marine Corps Homecoming at MCAS Miramar

Marine Corps pilot Slade, stationed at MCAS Miramar, spent six months in Kuwait. Six months in Kuwait is no joke. Six months in Kuwait for your first deployment as a couple is really no joke.

To say Sydney was nervous was an understatement. For a few weeks before Slade’s homecoming, we discussed what Sydney would wear, the “sign or no sign” conundrum, what the experience of a homecoming on the flight line would be like, and everything in between.

The day of the homecoming, we waited together and shared our deployment stories - things that had gone wrong and things that had gone right with partners here or there. We shared in our excitement of what was to come with a potential PCS on the horizon, and above all, we anxiously awaited the plane’s landing.

When they finally disembarked onto a smoking-hot tarmac, all of our anxieties washed away and we were left with utter joy.

Marine Corps Miramar homecoming
Marine Corps Miramar homecoming