La Jolla Sunset Family Photoshoot

This family photoshoot at sunset overlooking La Jolla took my breath away.

Winter sunsets in San Diego are notorious for their vibrant colors. The McFadden Family knew they wanted to capture both its beauty as the sun dips over the horizon, but also show off San Diego's biodiversity. We landed on UC San Diego's campus, perched above La Jolla Shores.

After a slight climb up a dusty path, we found a small trail that led to towering Eucalyptus trees. Jamming out to the family's favorite reggae music, eighteen-month-old Kai loved climbing over the gnarled branches - after taking Reef on a short walk, of course!

small child walks dog
small child walks dog with parents

We then came upon the area's main attraction: a drooping Eucalyptus tree that frequently plays host to a large swing. The tree's branches droop over the crest of a cliff to frame Scripps Pier and La Jolla Shores below it. With Kai munching on fruit snacks, Leann and James took time to themselves to enjoy the moment.

couple at beach sunset
couple at beach sunset
couple at beach sunset

Exploring with this family was such a pleasure, and I so thoroughly enjoyed sharing this sunset with an incredible group!

dad laughing with daughter
mom laughing with daughter
family with dog and trees