San Marcos Family Photos

We're taking family photos at Jacks Pond Park in San Marcos and your little one won’t let go of their toy during our session. What do you do?

You roll with it. It’s authentic. This is what your life looks like on a daily basis; we’d never want to change that. Please don’t apologize if Yaya the elephant has to be in the photos. She is part of the family after all.

Regardless, the nature of my business is such that I tend to spend time with families in their most emotional periods: at a homecoming, during the pre-deployment buildup, right before a PCS.

I’m beyond grateful for that, for being let into someone’s life when their emotions are at their peak. As someone who feels deeper than the average bear, I actually love it. I love being with you, sitting with you, sharing space with you when you’re feeling those big feelings, when you’re reminiscing and anticipating and anxious and happy and sad and excited.

If I can gift my families those nights of letting it all go before a huge shift happens and we just happen to document it, well, that’s all I can ask for.

I met this sweet family two years ago at their homecoming and now they’re gearing up for another separation. In that time, we’ve both grown humans that we had within weeks of each other. The passage of time seems so much more pronounced with kids, doesn’t it?